Agromek 2018 with VikingGenetics

In the last week of November, VikingGenetics organized the Open Days event including a visit to the Agromek Expo in Denmark. Guests all over the world attended the event.

Our 125 international guests from 22 countries and 4 continents arrived on Tuesday morning at Legoland Hotel and were given presentations about VikingGenetics and the latest news in our breeding programmes in the afternoon.

In the evening, all participated in the official Agromek Welcome dinner with Hans Christian Andersen as this year’s theme. There were over 1,400 guests at the welcome dinner and the dining ex

On Wednesday, the group visited the Agromek Expo. In total 40,214 visitors and 540 exhibitors from the international agricultural industry took part in Agromek this year.
In the cozy VikingGenetics VIP lounge the guests could rest up and relax. There were a lot of lively discussions and networking between the guests and our VikingGenetics staff.

Viking at Q-Hall at Agromek
VH Booth daughters
Cozy VikingGenetics' Lounge at Agromek
Estonian guests at Agromek with export manager Seppo Niskanen
On Wednesday evening, we had dinner and a private tour at the LEGO House – Home of the Brick. The LEGO House was an amazing experience for all.

The Tree of Creativity is over 15m tall. It took over 6 million bricks - as many Legos as we have Hoof Health registrations in our database - and 24,350 hours to assemble.

The guests found their inner child while visiting Lego House
3 x Rex (Our CEO Rex A. Clausager was with us at the Lego House visit)
On Thursday morning, our guests visited the VikingGenetics head office for a short tour and afterwards herd visits. We visited these herds:
· Bjarne Hansen (VikingHolstein)
· Lars Remme (VikingHolstein)
· Jacob Nielsen (VikingJersey)
· Gert Lassen (ProCROSS)
· Søren Røndbjerg (VikingRed)

The pictures here are from Bjarne Hansen and Jacob Nielsen farms.
The guests toured the VikingGenetics' head offices in Assentoft, Denmark. They got a tour of the facilities, saw some Viking bulls; VH Cosmo and VJ Quintana and also got an introduction to our lab operations.

Bjarne Hansen has a VikingHolstein herd with the highest production in Denmark for four years in a row now. The average production is 15,400kg!
Jacob Nielsen has a herd of 720 VikingJersey cows. The average production is 8,000kg, fat 6.02% and protein 4.24%.

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