Bull of the Year 2018

We have taken a look at our sales figures for 2018 and found the most used sires in our export markets in 2018. They are all very good sires with excellent breeding profiles. 

We look forward to seeing who will be the “bestsellers” in 2019 on our 50 different markets worldwide.


VH Brook (Balisto x Denim x Ramos)
gNTM +37

VH Brook is the most selling VikingHolstein  bull on global markets in 2018. He is today almost 4 years of age and are still in the very top of the breed with NTM +37. 

He is so highly spoken for due to his fantastic production with high components, and at the same time a good health especially udder health at 115.

He is breed at the herd of Vagn Kristensen in Stoholm in Denmark where the dam is still producing. She has an average of around 10.000 kg of milk with amazing 5,56 % fat and 3,76 % protein.

He is a VikingSolids™ sire.


VR Donato (R David x R Admiral x Vest Andy)
NTM +25

VR Donato has been a popular bull at the global market since he received his first progeny proof and was our most sold VikingRed bull in 2017 and in 2018. In 2016, he was in second place just after V Föske.

He is highly used for ProCROSS. He is a progeny proven sire born 2009 and having a very balanced proof: good yield, easy calvings, positive in all health traits and very good type. He inherits average size daughters with great feet & legs as well as udders. VR Donato is very balanced in his proof, there are no weak points.

He is a VikingHoofHealth™, VikingCalvingEase™ and VikingDefence™ sire.

VR Donato daughter


gNTM +24

VJ Quintana is breed leader and has been the most used VikingJersey bull in our  global markets in 2017 and 2018.

VJ Quintana breeds high production of fat and protein, with high components. He is one the breeds’ best bulls for udder health, general health and longevity and at the same time improves production as well. He breeds “show type” daughter and dairy farmers love working with Quintana daughters.

VJ Quintana is named after the famour Colombian bike rider Nairo Quintana, who won the Vuelta a España in 2016 and was second in Giro D’Italia in 2017.

He is a VikingRobot™ sire.

VJ Quintana dam
Please note that the bulls are subject to availability. Please contact your local distributor to find out about the availability. 

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