High quality offspring by using cutting-edge tools in Rabbalshede farm in Sweden

Tomas Moberg and his brother Björn are the fourth generation with a passion for cattle breeding on Rabbalshede farm. They use all possible tools that VikingGenetics offers to increase health and production in their farm. 
Rabbalshede farm is situated in the south of Sweden and is surrounded by forest and open landscape suitable for milk production. Moberg explains that they grow everything the cows eat on 330 hectares of land. 

When the Moberg brothers succeeded their father in running the farm, they took over a herd with 120 cows with the ambition to improve the genetic level of the next generation of animals. Their father was already using some embryos at that time and was very interested in breeding.

Tomas Moberg inherited his father’s interest in cutting-edge solutions to improve milk production. He has intensified the use of genetics in the herd. “Breeding is so interesting because you feel you can always do something new and further develop the herd,” he says.

He uses every possible advantage and tools for the breeding plan VikingGenetics has available for progressive farmers on the VG home markets.

GenVik (Genomic test of females) and ET (Embryo Transfer) combined with well-planned selection traits for robust cows are a perfect fit for Moberg’s high-producing herd. “Faster breeding progress with genomic testing is music to my ears,” he says proudly.
Tomas Moberg (in the picture) and his brother Björn from the Rabbalshede farm in Sweden are using all possible tools VikingGenetics has available to increase production and boost efficiency on their farm.

A smart combination of traits

Depending on how he selects and combines traits, he knows he will get the desired offspring. He uses innovative management solutions to make his life easier. “I am constantly aiming to get the best females. I use beef semen for cows low in NTM. I optimise the information from the genomic tests, which is one of the good things about using these management tools.” 

He has found that his efforts pay off, much due to the robust-productive cow he is designing. “A cow that you don’t see, is the best cow, the one that never gives you any trouble.”

Picking up the fruits

The effort they have put in transforming the farm has given excellent results. The Moberg brothers have two of the best cows in 1402 (VikingHolstein) and 1403 (VikingRed). They were were born on the same day and have been flushed at VikingGenetics in Skara at the same time. 
1403 (VR Faradi x VR Tuomi) is dam to a bull calf by VR Amaretto, a result from the VikingEmbryo programme.
“VR and Holstein are similar when it comes to economics even if Holstein produces a bit more. but the red cows will become a little bit older with better udder health in my herd, which I think is also the case in all countries,” he emphasises.

His farm has also given extraordinary bulls to VikingGenetics breeding plan; VR Tophat – a VR Tornado son and VH Omega, a son by D Onside.   
Rora 1402 (VH Sparky x VH Miracle) has been flushed in the VikingEmbryo programme.

Facts of the farm

Two milking robots / 130 cows (70% VikingRed and 30% VikingHolstein) 
He started to flush embryos in 2015
Production: 12,201 kg ECM
Fat: 4.2%
Protein: 3.6%

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