NewVikings February 2019 - VikingJersey

With the new February proof run we present you the newest additions to VikingGenetics' global bull line-up*! Here are the new interesting VikingJersey sires.

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more. 
VJ Giant
gNTM +25
(VJ Gislev x VJ Lappe x VJ Idi)
If you are looking for production, then look at the production figures of VJ Giant. A true leader in production of milk solids, with EBV 126 Fat and 120 Protein.
In addition to outcross, you will get udder health, general health and longevity. Daughters will be of moderate size with well-attached shallow udders and ideal teat placement.
High components can be traced back to the maternal line. The dam (scored 87 for udder) has been milking 7,150 kg milk, yearly average, with 6.25 % fat and 4.41 % protein and the maternal grand dam (scored 88 for udder) has milked 7,600 kg milk with 6.92 % fat and 4,58 % protein.
The breeder is Henrik Jensen, Ribe, Denmark.
Kappa Casein: BB, Beta Casein: A2A2, JH1 Free
VJ Habbit
gNTM +23
(VJ Haare x VJ Hihl x DJ Izzy)
Is fertility and high components part of your breeding strategy, then have a look at VJ Habbit. VJ Habbit is an extreme protein percentage improver with EBV 123.
VJ Habbit breeds tall daughters with excellent Feet & Legs and udders that work perfectly in robotic milking systems. Udder depth is 122 and teats are of ideal size.
The dam has been milking 1.2 years with a annual average of 7,600 kg milk with 5.52 % fat and 4.20 % protein. Next two dams are still milking in the herd, - so far 4 and 6.5 lactations.
The breeder is Torben Illum Andersen, Nr. Aaby, Denmark.
Kappa Casein: BB, Beta Casein: A2A2, JH1 Free
VJ Quit
gNTM +23
(VJ Quintana x VJ Hian x VJ Tudvad)
Focusing on improving type and udder conformation, then you definitely have to look at VJ Quit.
VJ Quit is the first VJ Quintana son to be marketed. And VJ Quit is bred in the same herd as VJ Quintana, out of another cow family. 

With two of our best daughter proven bulls in the pedigree (VJ Hian and VJ Tudvad), he proofs that he is even better than VJ Quintana on udders. Have a look at the linear description of ideal udder traits of VJ Quit. VJ Quit breeds super body conformation, fertility, udder health, general health and longevity as well.
The dam has just ended first lactation with 7,400 kg milk, 5.83 % fat and 4.39 % protein. No doubt, that VJ Quit's ability to improve percentages comes from the maternal side. Next dams in the pedigree have been milking 6.55 to 6.73 % fat and 4.35 to 4.55 % protein.  
The breeder is Palle Bjerggaard Hansen, Ullerslev, Denmark.
Kappa Casein: BB, Beta Casein: A2/A2, JH1 Free

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