"NTM has certainly turbo charged breeding"

Bjørn Lyngholm bases his breeding work on NTM at his farm near Gørding in Denmark. An enterprise that has now added a bull, VJ Dandi, to its breeding programme.
Bjørn Lyngholm with his feed manager, Ion Chiosa, who is from Moldova.
By VikingDenmark
Lyngholm puts his trust in NTM and can see the results for himself in the heifers he has lined up as future dairy cows for his farm. Lyngholm uses 50% beef cattle and large volumes of X-Vik, which is why it is important for him to know which animals should have which kind of semen:
“I aim to find the best animals, and here I use NTM as a clear guideline. This has really turbocharged breeding, so I view genomic tests as a sound investment in the future,” he says.
Lyngholm prefers to slaughter as few bull calves as possible and has therefore always used a lot of sexed semen. If it were down to him, Jersey farmers would actually use more or less nothing else:
“Something has to happen in this area, there's bound to be some kind of external pressure at some point, so we might as well address it now,” he says.
For the same reason, Lyngholm owns one of the four herds that are part of the GoBeef research project.

Focus on milk

Lyngholm is not the kind of man to talk about different bulls and that kind of stuff. Even so, he admits it’s pretty cool to now have a bull in the breeding programme:
“I was naturally pleased to see that the bull was top ranked. I can’t deny that,” he says.
Milk production is his main day to day consideration, not least optimising the various work processes on the farm. Here, Lyngholm is delighted with Heatime, which he uses with both cows and heifers. The latter are at two other properties, but Lyngholm simply checks his phone for signs of heat and to get a quick update.
He and his feed manager do the inseminating themselves, but he puts great emphasis on his consultations with Viking breeding adviser, Pernille Hougaard Jensen:
“We have a fantastic relationship, which is something that strengthens my links with Viking. There’s no doubt about that.”

Bjørn Lyngholm:

Milk producer near Gørding in West Jutland
400 Jersey cows
Production: 9,800 kg ECM
Six employees
Genomic testing of all heifers
Lyngholm has sold five bulls to the Viking flushing programme – the most recent with NTM +25
If your focus is on production, udder health and appearance, VJ Dandi would suit you.

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