Stars from Nalle-family

Tiina and Pauli Laakko's Nalle family is quite a galaxy. There are stars, and more are coming. The brightest of these is VH ByNalle and the rising ones are VH CoNalle and a heifer called Oops-Nalle, that was flushed in January.
Pauli Laakko
The breeding fly bit Tiina, 39, while she was milking a heifer for one hour. Since that, the milking speed has been the number one cause. “Milkability must be over one hundred. It is an absolute requirement. I also want animals of uniform size and capable of absorbing the body. I don't want high animals because they are missing durability. Of course, the udder and leg conformation must also be fine, ”says Tiina.

The bull spectrum

In addition to the qualities mentioned earlier, Tiina is checking the pedigrees carefully. “We have strong cow families, so I'll try to keep the widest range of bulls. Rakuuna and VH Miracle may have been a bit more abundant, but otherwise there are rarely two daughters from the same father, ”Tiina says.
Breeding is completely on the shoulders of Tiina, but Pauli, 39, knows how to enjoy the fruits of the work. “It's nice to follow the progress. Especially when the results are so good, ”Pauli says.
The high level of the herd was revealed by genomic testing. Based on the first results, several high index females and embryo flush candidates were found. Many of them originate from the 120-tonne cow Soma (Gothem x L.Varjo) who was the grand-old-lady of the Nalle family. Now the herd consists of about 70% Nalle family members.
Tiina Laakko

From flush to flush

The first VikingGenetics contract flush was made in 2014 for Kuu-Nalle (VH Zhenja x D Jul). It was followed by Melli-Nalle (Balisto x VH Musa), Moomin-Nalle (VH Cosmo x VH Musa), and outside Nalle family, Niisku-Iina (Jedi x VH Miracle). In addition to these, they have flushed Lumo-Nalle (VH Scout x D Jul) and Molla-Nalle (Commander x VH Zhenja) on their own expence.
VH ByNalle originated from the Lumo-Nalle flush with Brentano. VH CoNalle, who had reached the age of one at the end of November, was born from the flush of Moomin-Nalle to Charley.
The flushes continued in the beginning of 2019. Then it was the turn of Oops-Nalle (Sniper), the daughter of Moomin-Nalle. The sequel can be followed very soon as Bimbo-Nalle (VH Broback x D Jul) and Puolukka (Louxor x Gandhi) have received high genomic values.

VH ByNalle

The first ones excel

The average yield of the herd approaches the limit of 12,000 ECM kilos, and the first-ever ECM output is as much as 11,870 kilograms. “The result is due to breeding and milking robot. All cows are very sociable and happy to go to the robot, ”explains Tiina the reason for good production. Thanks goes also to Paul, who is responsible for feed production.
It has still not been even a year since the new barn was completed, so Tiina and Pauli have no new plans yet. The next goal is to raise the number of cows to 70 heads. Thanks to the good milk flow, spacious barn and, above all, the very good heifers, this goal is easily achieved.

Laako farm

Location: Kangas, Sievi
Family: Pauli, Tiina and Jesse (7) Laakko
Barn: Free stall barn with one Lely robot (Completed in February 2018)
Field of 90 ha, of which 65 ha on grass
Average production: 11,870 kg ECM
Average production for 1st calvers 11,637 kg ECM
Mainly Holstein cows, 3 Ayrshires
The milk flow of 3.1 was up to 3.5
Heifers and calves in a barn built in 1981 (renovated later)
Pauli and his brother, Mika, have a small-scale contracting
Tiina is raising Bernese mountain dogs and German shepherds under the name Ronetta's

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