Breeders honoured for breeding VikingGenetics top sires

On Wednesday 27 March the breeders of some of VikingGenetics’ best selling sires in the home markets were invited to a celebration event in the bull stud in Assentoft
Breeders of the most used Viking sires in 2018, honoured 27 March 2019.
From left: Anders & Lis Bording Levring (VJ Hitman), Kirsten & Thomas Andreasen (VH Monty P), Niels Erik Haar and Anja from Anderstrup A/S (VH Baylor), Niels Ulrik Andersen & Dorthe (VJ Lutter & VJ Gates), Bo & Dorthe Skovbjerg Nielsen (VH Badger), Niels & Jørgen Schmidt (VH Grejs), and Margrete & Eskild Grabow Olesen (VR Filur).

VH Monty P
It is tradition to have an annual event of honouring the breeders and celebrating the sires’ performance and again this year it was a festive event when the breeders of six top sires visited the VikingGenetics head quarter and bull stud in Assentoft, Denmark.
The breeders saw and heard about the famous sires that they have bred and sold to VikingGenetics, but  they haven’t seen the bulls since they were picked up from the home herd as little calves. All were genomic sires – the oldest three-and-a-half years old – that have set their mark on home market daily plans and global markets over the last one-and-a-half to two years. 
VR Filur
Some of the sires already contribute with sons for the future breeding work in VikingGenetics and the other will expectedly contribute as well. Now, after an active career in the home market daily plans, the sires are reserved for the global markets in which there is high demand.
The breeders of the sires are: Eskild Grabow Olesen (VR Filur), Niels and Jørgen Schmidt (VH Grejs), Thomas Andreasen (VH Monty P), Anderstrup Holstein (VH Baylor), Bo Skovbjerg Nielsen (VH Badger), Anders Levring (VJ Hitman) and Niels Ulrik Andersen (VJ Lutter and VJ Gates). 
The more than 10-year old VR Dalton was also to be celebrated, but the breeders from I/S Stengårdsminde were not able to attend the event. VR Dalton is a daughter proven bull, and the oldest one in the bull stud.
VJ Lutter

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