VR Tokyo – The absolute No. 1 bull in Australia

The best production sire with outstanding levels of fat and protein
VR Tokyo (VR Tuomi x V Foske x A Sale ET) is leading the Balanced Performance Index (BPI) in Australia with a BPI of $298, according to April proofs. There is no doubt: this sire is one of a kind and a “must have” in a herd to increase the production of milk and its solids. 
“We are always looking forward to create value for the farmers. And what we are saying regarding the performance of a bull is actually what the farmer gets. If the dairymen make profits paid by solids then we have the best bulls to suit that need”, Rex A. Clausager, CEO from VikingGenetics comments. 

With the Nordic Total Merit of NTM +22, VR Tokyo combines a high level of production (119) with strong components with 119 for Fat Kg and 119 for Protein Kg.
Speaking of Top Type, Tokyo is the #1 for Type Weighted Index (TWI) with an index of 105 Overall Type and 106 for Mammary. Also No.1 in Longevity in Australia. 
We can add that VikingRed Tokyo has also a remarkable health profile. He is No. 2 among the best bulls in Australia with a Health Weighted Index (HWI) of 198, peaking on Survival with 108 and on Daughter Fertility with 101. And on the top when it comes to maternal calving with an excellent index of 129 on NTM. 

VR Tokyo’s breeder is Göran Carlsson from Linköping, Sweden. VR Tokyo has almost 1,500 daughters around the whole world, in ongoing production. 

VR Tokyo is a top performer with a complete profile where production, type and health combine to make daughters with no weaknesses. 

VH Sparky strong on BPI in Australia 

High production of solids along with excellent hoof health, are unique trademark of VH Sparky 

VH Sparky is strong on the BPI ranking with $319. The fabulous combination of high production and outstanding health is not easy to find. With a Nordic Total Merit (NTM) of +23, VH Sparky (VH Suarez x VH Salomon x T Funkis) has an unusual complete profile. VH Sparky defines perfectly the saying: “excellent health and high production is possible”. 
He has an outstanding production profile with 113, Protein percentage 116 and Fat percentage 113. On the other hand, he is a champion for hoof health 122 which is connected to an exceptional Longevity 109 and daughter fertility 113. 

The balanced breeding values are also excellent in regard to the conformation traits, VH Sparky daughters have well attached udders with 117.  VH Sparky has 1390 daughters and was bred at the herd of Flemming Petersen, in Ribe Denmark.    

VH Sparky's mother is currently pregnant with her seventh calf and is part of the herd of Flemming Petersen dairy farm.  A daughter of a VH Salomon, this is the kind of cow that a dairyman would love to have, she is healthy and productive.

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