NewVikings May 2019 - VikingHolstein

With the May proof run we reveal new and interesting bulls available in our lineup! See the VikingHolstein bulls below. 

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more. 
VH Sector
gNTM +36 genomic
(VH Sylvest x Balisto x D Limbo)

Do you see a need to improve components in your Holstein cows, have better calving ability and better health status? VH Sector is a solution for you

Production index at 123 with exceptional components at 130 in index for fat % and 138 in index for protein %.  Together with this, VH Sector breeds easy calving cows (119) and a super health profile with Udder health at 120, Hoof health at 109 and General health at 107.

His sire VH Sylvest is VH Sparky – one of the most popular daughter proven bulls with NTM +24.

A look at the cow family behind VH Sector and you soon realize where the good components originate. The Balisto dam has average components at 5.53% in fat and 4.00% in protein. Her dam is a D Limbo cow also with super production and classified VG86.

He is bred at the herd of Per-Uno Bingebo in Vännäs in Sweden.
VH Romulus
gNTM +33 genomic
VH Rozwell x VH Clark x VH Salomon

Do you want rock solid VikingHolstein pedigrees in your herd and are you putting focus on production from high components and natural defence against diseases. 

Have a closer look at VH Romulus:
VH Romulus is the first son of the very popular VH Rozwell (Reflector x VH Osmus x VH Zac) and also the World Champion in hoof health and female fertility VH Clark is in the same pedigree. Not a coincidence that VH Romulus is a fantastic VikingDefence™ bull with Udder health 111, General health 110 and Hoof health 114. In addition, he breed super components, good udders, medium sized cows. Cows that will make long term influence in your herd!

The dam of VH Romulus is a strong and good producing VH Clark daughter with more than 10,000 kg in average and 4.08% and 3.62%. She is classified VG86 and has just been confirmed in calf for the 5th time by VH Molde P.  Her dam is a VH Salomon daughter

VH Romulus is bred at the herd of Per Kragelund in Arden in Denmark. 
VH Crown
gNTM +38 genomic
(Charley x Silver x Beacon)

Looking to build up the lifetime production in you herd coming from high production good health and super longevity. VH Crown is a good choice for you, then
VH Crown will give you hard working cows that are still healthy, fertile, and long living – the kind of cows that will create an extra income for you. 

He has production at 126 with high volume and good components, calving ability at impressive 118 and health traits nicely above average. He will give you easy handling cows with fast milking speed (110) and nice balanced conformation especially with good udders (119)

The dam is an amazing cow that has an average production at 16.700 kg with 4.00 in fat% and 3.56 in protein% and classified VG87. Her dam is a VG88 Beacon and before her, a D Sammy classified VG89 with a lifetime production at more than 82.000 kg milk.

The breeder of VH Crown is I/S Hedelund from Aalestrup in Denmark

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