NewVikings May 2019 - VikingRed

With the May proof run we reveal new and interesting bulls available in our lineup! See the VikingRed bulls below. 

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more. 
VR Vimo
gNTM +34
(VR Viljar x Rockstar x R Fastrup)

If your breeding goal is to get cows with high stature and strong body with great feet and legs (115) as well as tremendous udder conformation (125), please pay attention to VR Vimo. He is also a high component sire with excellent health traits.

VR Vimo is a mix of the best genetics from three countries. The Finnish sire VR Viljar has now many good sons on top. The MGS Rockstar is one of the best Canadian bulls for many generations and the Danish R Fastrup being one of the last proven VR sires in a high use, who has sired many super cows the farmers have been very satisfied with.   

The Dam of VR Vimo might be the best Rockstar cow in the whole world. She is a good looking cow on her third lactation and has high production with great components: more than 11 000 kg milk with fat-% 5,4 and protein 3,9. She was flushed once as first calver and VG owns a VR Wookie heifer from that flush. Her first calf was a VR Fonseca heifer that also has been flushed.     

The breeder is Stakkehavegård, Denmark.

Kappa Casein: AB Beta Casein: A2A2
VR Violin
gNTM +30
(VR Viljar x VR Faabeli x VR Yllyke)

Are You looking for a sire with high components and great female fertility, VR Violin is the perfect choice. Besides that he gives You the best health traits: Udder health (122), hoof health and general health. He inherits average size with great udder conformation (119).

The dam of VR Violin, 696 Valma, has been a VikingEmbryo donor born at Kvinnersta Naturbruksgymnasium, Sweden. She was the heifer of the best gNTM across Viking countries at that time. VR Violin is her own calf. All the dams in the pedigree have produced milk with very high components. 

The breeder is Anna-Karin Aaby, Sweden 

Kappa Casein: AA Beta Casein: A2A2
VR Vigil P
gNTM +24
(VR Viktor x VR Lazer x R Harvard)

Are you fond of polled animals, we can offer you again a new heterozygous sire with different pedigree. The polled gene comes from his dam. VR Vigil P has good components and udder health is his strength. At his best this sire is however in type: he inherits great feet and legs (120) with fine bone quality and udder (118) with strong attachments.

The cow family behind VR Vigil P is great in longevity. Both his dam and MGD are alive and they are classified over 90 points in the udder. The GMGD had seven calves in her lifetime and the GGMGD six calves.Two of VR Vigil P’s polled half siblings have VikingGenetics flushing contract at the mpment.

The breeder is Bent Skovgård, Denmark.

Kappa Casein: AA Beta Casein: A2A2

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