VikingGenetics searching for the next successful CEO

The Nordic Cattle Breeding Cooperative VikingGenetics has started the search for a new CEO. This follows the resignation from the current CEO Rex A. Clausager, who joined VikingGenetics in November 2014.  
“It has not been an easy decision”, Rex A. Clausager says. He has been in charge of the grounds to further develop VikingGenetics globally and formed a team of world-class professional to implement the new strategy. “I love my job, I love the company, working with a committed management team and all my wonderful colleagues. The relationship to the board and chairman has been exemplary. VikingGenetics is a company that has already shown its potential and has an exciting future ahead. The strategy is ambitious, forward-looking, clear and strong”, he states.
Clausager was not an active job-seeker but received a job-offer that will take him to a line of business that he wanted to explore as a professional.
“We are all sad to see Rex A. Clausager leaving the company”, states VikingGenetics chairman, Lars-Inge Gunnarsson – and says further: “But are of course happy for him and wish him all the best in his new endeavours. We will continue to pursue our strategy and we are thankful to Rex for starting the transformation of the company with a number of important steps. Under his leadership we have improved our global sales significantly, strengthened the team spirit and positioned the company as an ambitious, differentiated and innovative company. We have become an attractive, international player”.

In recent years VikingGenetics have efficiently introduced the use of genomic selection. This has led to a reduction in the number of bulls needed to run a successful breeding programme. The number of bulls on bull stations have been reduced from more than 3,000 bulls to less than 500 bulls today. The rationalisation and restructuring of the production capacity have been executed and the value of the assets adjusted to reflect today’s situation. With a sound balance-sheet, a solid capacity for production of sexed semen, a development project with the aim to give a true measure for feed efficiency the company is well positioned to play an important role in cattle breeding globally.
“It has been a true pleasure to work with VikingGenetics – an outstanding organisation”, ends Rex A. Clausager.
August 1st, 2019 Rex A. Clausager will join the company TimePlan Software A/S as CEO. TimePlan is a leading workforce management product and customers across different industries and 25 countries use the effective and economical solution. Rex A. Clausager will fulfil the current position at full steam until the end of July.
For further information contact VikingGenetics chairman Lars-Inge Gunnarsson, mobile +46 70-970 98 28.

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