NewVikings August 2019 - VikingHolstein

With the August proof run we reveal new and interesting bulls available in our lineup! See the VikingHolstein bulls below. 

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more. 
VH Prada
gNTM +31 genomic
VH Python x Racer x Bookem

Striving to attain good production and udder health, to have calm cows with good conformation that is perfect in an AMS-milking system? Then VH Prada is a bull for you.

VH Prada is a bull that has an outstanding all-round profile with good production at index 120 and with progress in components and a good udder health at 112. Beside from that he will give you calm cows (temperament 111) and a good conformation with super udders suitable for AMS milking systems with good balance and correct teat placement and size.

The sire of VH Prada is the well-known VH Python. The dam has an average of 10,300 kg milk with 4.68% in fat and 3.66% in protein and is classified VG89. Here dam is classified VG85

VH Prada is bred at the herd of Jess Jensen in Vadum in Denmark
VH Notlev
gNTM +33 genomic
VH Nerd RC x VH Blume x VH Cup

Do you struggle with hoof health in your herd and do you want smaller efficient cows with good production and fast milking speed? Try to have a look at VH Notlev.

VH Notlev is in the very top when it comes to hoof health with index 122. Additionally, he breeds high production at index 122 with positive milk and good components, and a female fertility at 110. Beside from these fantastic traits he also give super milking speed at 120 and medium-sized cows. Indeed an interesting bull that can really make a difference in your herd.

Sire of VH Notlev is the red carrier VH Nerd RC (Nugget RC son) but he did not pass on the red gene to VH Notlev. The dam and grand dam are both really high producing cows with more than 13,300 kg in average.

VH Notlev is bred at the herd of Per Sørensen in Glejberg in Denmark
VH Markos P
gNTM +30 genomic
VH Monty P x Abel x Sargeant

Do you want polled cows and do you see a need to improve production, have better calving ability and better hoof health status? VH MarkosP is the solution for you.

Production index at 119 with good milk and components together with this a calving ability at 117 and hoof health at 112. VH Markos P completes his profile by inheriting  average frame and good milking speed with good temperament. Also note, that the polled gene originates from a different sire line than many of the presently used polled bulls.

His sire VH Monty P is a Milford P son and was the most used bull in VikingGenetics home markets in 2018. 
The dam was flushed as heifer, and just after her first calving, was classified as VG86. The cow family Neblina has several good bulls and VikingGenetics has already now bought three bulls from the Abel cow.

VH Markos P is bred at the herd of Søren Ernst Madsen in Tirsvad in Denmark. 

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