NewVikings August 2019 - VikingRed

With the August proof run we reveal new and interesting bulls available in our lineup! See the VikingRed bulls below. 

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more. 
VR Winter
gNTM +28
VR Wonder x VR Vimpula x VR Husky

If you are looking for a modern sire with good components, great udder health with EBV 113, fast milking speed (108) and udders (116) suitable for robot milking, then VR Winter is a clear choice for you. He is available as X-Vik doses as well.

His dam is a high yielding cow with the first lactation being almost 12,000 kg milk. MGD has almost 13,000 kg. MGD and MGGD being both 50,000 kg cows in lifetime production. Very good udder health is also the strength in this cow family. 

The breeders are Lounakoski Heikki and Matti, Finland
VR Venom
gNTM +28
VR Viljar x VR Feton x VR Tuomi

Here we have again a new VR Viljar son on podium. VR Venom has a very balanced proof. He is a real fertility sire with EBV 118 with very easy calvings (114). All his health traits are positive and he’s a VikingDefence™ sire. He inherits average size combined with great feet and legs and good udders. He is available as X-Vik doses as well.

His dam’s first lactation is 8,000 kg of milk with 4.5% fat and 3.5% protein. The MGD has her best lactation of 10,100 kg of milk with 4.1% of fat and 3.5% of protein and the GMGD 11,100 kg of milk with 3.8% fat, 3.3% protein and the GGMGD 12,700 kg of milk with 3.8% fat and 3.5% protein.

Breeders are Jouni and Päivi Lukkarinen, Pielavesi, Finland.
VR Ture
gNTM +26
VR Tequila x VR Wand x VR Fimbe

If better fertility and health traits are rour breeding goals, please have a look at VR Ture. He is a great fertility sire with EBV 107 who also has positive indexes in all health traits making him a great VikingDefence™ and VikingHoofHealth™ sire. He has balanced body as well as udder traits and super feet and legs (112). He will be soon available as X-Vik doses as well.

The sire of VR Ture, VR Tequila, is one of VR Tokyo sons. VR Tokyo has a great progeny proof with more than 2,000 daughters. VR Ture is born out of a donor in VikingEmbryo programme, 1985 Asta, who now is back at her original herd at Womtorps Jordbruk. She has produced 12 embryo calves and 2 own calves. Several of the heifers have got good genomic values and some have also been flushed. She has produced more than 12,000 kg milk during her first lactation. The MGD and the GMGD have produced almost 11,000 kg on average. 

The breeders are Per and Kjell Sandahl, Sweden.

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