NewVikings November 2019 - VikingHolstein

With the November proof run we reveal new and interesting bulls available in our lineup! See the VikingHolstein bulls below. 

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more.

VH Novak RC

gNTM +33 genomic
VH NolanRC x Reflector x VH Gregor

Do you struggle with health issues in your Holstein cows do you want maximum speed on genetic improvement on the cows’ fertility? Then have a closer look at VH NovakRC.

VH NovakRC is an outstanding bull that fits perfectly into the concept of VikingDefence. He maximizes the gain in udder health with 117, general health at 114 and hoof health at 114. In addition to this, he is in the top of the breed when it comes to female fertility at impressive 126. He breeds average production at 107 with high components – fat% index 116 and protein% index 120. In conformation he will give you average sized cows with super udders.

He gets his red carrier gene (RC) from the sire VH NolanRC (Nugget RC x S Ross) and the deliverer of high components is easy to detect – his dam has high components with 4.36% fat and 3.85% protein.

VH NovakRC is bred at the herd of Lykke-Andersen in Grenaa in Denmark. There is X-Vik semen available.

VH Boman

gNTM +33 genomic
VH Baylor x VH Ohare x Borussia

Striving to improve the production in you herd without losing on health and fertility traits? Then VH Boman is a good choice for you.

VH Boman is a bull that breeds high production at 121 with good milk, 122 in fat and 118 in protein. Despite this super high production, there is still progress in female fertility at 110, calving ease 113, udder health 110 and general health 110. Additionally, he makes functional cows that are fast milkers at 108.

You will find a really strong family behind VH Boman. A dam with an average production at 13,000 kg milk with 4.26 in fat% and 3.60 in protein%. She is a daughter of VH Ohare (Offie x VH Grafit). Her dam is a full sister to VH Barbero that today is daughter proven at +25 in NTM.

VH Boman is bred at the herd of I/S Rønhave in Bramming in Denmark.

VH Allusio

gNTM +34 genomic
Aragon x VH Bosman x VH Grafit

Do you see a need to improve production, have better udder health and do you favor calm cows, then VH Allusio is the solution for you?

Production index at 121 with good milk and components together with super udder health at 118 – that is a rare combination, but exactly what VH Allusio provides for you. Additionally, you also get easy handling cows with a calm temperament at 115 and a perfectly balanced conformation.

His sire Aragon is an Araxis son and his dam is daughter of the top-daughter proven bulls VH Bosman with NTM +30 and super production index at 128.

VH Allusio is bred at the herd of Svend Hestbæk in Aalestrup in Denmark.

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