NewVikings November 2019 - VikingRed

With the November proof run we reveal new and interesting bulls available in our lineup! See the VikingRed bulls below. 

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more.

VR Usva

gNTM +28
VR Utu x VR Fonda P x VR Flame

Are you aiming for better production with high components in combination with nice udder and feet & legs? VR Usva is the bull you need to use in your herd. He has 122 in production and for the components 119 for fat percent and 118 for protein percent. It is combined with nice feet and legs together with good udders and on top he also gives you easy calvings. 

The dam still has very high NTM +30 and is in her second lactation. She has been milking for 1.8 year and in average given 11,194 kg milk with 3.87% in protein, 4.93 % in fat and in total 997 kg protein + fat. The dam has produced 11 ET calves from 3 flushes. These have resulted in VR Usva, VR Emoji +31 in NTM and a polled heifer after VR Emir that has been bought back to VE program.

Breeder Aimo ja Pasi Heikkilä, Ylivieska, Finland

Beta Casein: A2/A2    Kappa Casein: AA

VR Usva has X-Vik available. 

VR Farnam

gNTM +29
VR Filur x Pell Pers x R Facet

If you want to improve hoof health, components together with nice type R Farnam is the bull for your herd. He has impressive 119 in hoof health in combination with nice feet and legs. In terms of production, he has 117 in fat percent and 116 in protein percent. He gives average size cows with some great udders 117 and to spice it all up he also has good calving abilities, great general health and the daughters will have fast milking speed and are easy to work with.     

The dam keeps improving all the time. She is in the end of her fourth lactation and has produced over 4.6 years 9,907 kg milk with 3,82% protein, 4,86% fat on average and in total 860 kg protein and fat. She was classified in her third lactation with 86-82-89-87. On the offspring side she is also getting better. Her second calving resulted in VR Hopla and the fourth calving was VR Farnam. The grand dam 1955 have been flushed five times and has 31 offspring. The great grand dam is an S Adam cow that has been flushed seven times and she is e.g. the dam of VR Babylon, VR Pablo and VR Corona. In the same family are bulls like VR Lego, VR Wonder and VR Hazze.

Breeder Søren Røndbjerg, Denmark

Beta Casein: A2/A2    Kappa Casein: AB

VR Farnam has X-Vik available.

VR Azer

gNTM +27
 VR Abraham x VR Lazer x R Harvard

If your priorities are components, udder health and great udders, VR Azer is the perfect choice for your herd. He has impressive 120 in both fat and protein percent. The udder health is excellent with 118 and it is together with great udders on 120. As a bonus you will also see good feet and legs plus good young stock survival.

The family is good looking with a classification on 84-87-91-89 for the dam and 88-83-93-89 for the grand dam. They both have extremely high components with 4.05% and 4.09% in protein and 5,28% and 5,21% in fat. The dam has been flushed four times and the last time was when she was first lactation cow. She is polled but unfortunately VR Azer did not get the polled gen. The half-brother VR Vigil P was luckier with the polled gen. The last flush was with VR Fanof P. Two polled bulls have been bought and they are among the best VR bulls overall. The flush also gave a homozygotic polled heifer with +33 in NTM. So far, two half-sisters to VR Azer have entered the VikingEmbryo programme with flush contracts and more will come. 

Breeder Bent Skovgård, Stege, Denmark

Beta Casein: A2/A2    Kappa Casein: AA

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