NewVikings February 2020 - VikingJersey

With the February proof run we reveal new and interesting bulls available in our lineup! See the VikingJersey bulls below. 

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more.
VJ Ludo

gNTM +22 genomic
VJ Lutter x VJ Hizzi x VJ Link
If you are focusing on production, fat and protein percentages, fertility and strong functional type, then you should definitely have to look at VJ Ludo. VJ Ludo is among the VikingJersey breed leaders for production of solids. Breeding values for protein is 121 for percentage and 109 for volume. Breeding value for fat is 115 for percentage and 117 for volume. VJ Ludo even breeds high production, fertility is 109 and all health and longevity traits are positive. Hoof health is 114.

VJ Ludo breeds medium size daughters with very good chest width (115) and body depth (109). Feet and legs are very strong (110) with steep foot angles (108). VJ Ludo also breeds well-attached fore udders (106) and shallow udders with ideal teat placements.  

The dam of VJ Ludo is “Aagaarden Hizzi Merna”, VG89. She is now finalizing her first lactation (336 days) with 8,400 kg milk, 5.80% fat and 4.57% protein. Both MGD and MGGD are known for high production (average productions of 9,150 and 8,700 kg milk per year).

VJ Ludo is our first son of VJ Lutter. VJ Lutter (+17) is a VJ Lago son out of an VJ Tester daughter. VJ Ludo will be out cross to all North American pedigrees. 
The breeder is Thomas Poulsen, Aagaarden Jerseys, Mern, Denmark. 

Kappa Casein: BB, Beta Casein: A2/A2, JH1 Free
VJ Laster

gNTM +25 genomic
VJ Lasky x VJ Perez x VJ Tester     
Are you looking for the ideal combination of production, health, fertility and conformation? Then go for VJ Laster! 

VJ Laster is breeding good production (113) and he combines this with an extreme health profile: Udder health (113), General health (109) and Hoof health (110). Daughter fertility is 109 and longevity 110.

VJ Laster daughters will be of medium size with steep foot angles and very good udders. Fore udders will be well attached, rear udders will be high. Udders will be very shallow (114) so both teat size and teat placement will be ideal. 

VJ Laster is the first son of VJ Lasky (VJ Lari son of NTM +18). Next sires are some of the best daughter proven bulls from VikingGenetics, VJ Perez (+17) and VJ Tester (+16). 

The dam of VJ Laster has just calved recently after several flushes and more sons going to VikingGenetics. The maternal line is known for high production of milk solids. 

Breeder of VJ Laster is the VikingEmbryo project. The dam of VJ Laster, “Gammelhave Perez Bodil”, was bred by Søren Boman, Gammelhave Jerseys, Broby, Denmark. 

Cappa Casein: AB     Beta Casein: A1/A2      JH1 Free        
VJ Linked P

gNTM +13 genomic
Listowel P x VJ Lure x VJ Hilario
Focusing on polled genetics and outcross in your herd? Then you should take a close look at VJ Linked P.

VJ Linked P is combining good production with very good daughter fertility (105), udder health (110) and great longevity with very good type. 

VJ Linked P daughters are expected to be of medium size with nice body conformation. Udders will be well attached with high and wide rear udders. Ligament will be strong and udders will be shallow. Teat placement will be close.   
VJ Linked P is the second Listowel P (NTM +12) son in the VikingJersey lineup. VJ Linked P fits nicely with the other polled bulls in VikingGenetics, - VJ Leaks P, VJ Violent P and the new ones following shortly (VJ Poll P and VJ Dane P).

The dam of VJ Linked P is “Havdal Lure Loretta”. She is now in the middle of fourth lactation. Annual average has been 7,300 kg milk with 6.70% fat and 4.55% protein. Loretta is also the dam of VJ Asure (son of the American “Sugar Grove Valentino Axis”).

The breeder of VJ Linked P is Jorn Mikkelsen, Havdal Jerseys, Hinnerup, Denmark.
Beta Casein: A1/A2       Cappa Casein: BB                JH1: Free        Triple aAa: 513

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