VikingRed delivers results in Colombia

La Colina is in the Colombian region of the Andes, the longest continental mountain range in the world.

Celina Gómez founded her farm with her husband in 1980. They began using VikingRed genetics to improve fertility and general health traits. The results have been good.

Animals that stand out for their health

In 2008, with the help of the veterinarian who attends the farm, Celina decided to cross her cows with Holstein and Jersey. In 2010, they added the genetics of VikingRed to the herd. 

The herd is a bit over 100 cows, which are given popular Columbian names by Celina's granddaughters. La Colina farm has an elite group of animals that stands out for their good udders, hoof health and production of solids as well. 

"In addition to general health, the herd is distinguished by its good fertility, as a result of good management and genetic improvement for more than a decade," Celina says. 

Constant innovation

Little by little, La Colina has expanded, and Celina’s herd has grown with the technical support of different professionals.

In 2000, Celina bought a cooling tank for better milk preservation. Later in 2005, she acquired automatic milking equipment. 

More recently, Celina included an additional milking station and an automatic washing machine that not only guarantees the cleaning of the equipment, but also reduces the time it takes to milk; an important asset that gives barn workers a better quality of life.

A vital achievement 

La Colina farm is also proud of the improvement in profitability. They have got a better income from production quality processes and from lower expenses thanks to health and fertility achievements. “Our income has improved," Celina says. 

Celina's story is not very common when it comes to the Colombian cattle tradition, which to this day is predominantly male.

"I have many male colleagues in this industry, by gaining their trust I also gained their support and respect," she says.

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